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Music and Worship at Maplewood Mennonite

It has been said that “Worship is a verb.”  This is how one could describe the Music Ministry.  The purpose of the Music Ministry is to give people of all ages a way to express their praise, adoration and love to God.  The Music Ministry also uses music to uplift, encourage, and comfort people in their daily living. In addition, the Music Ministry strives to incorporate music in the worship service that supports the passage of scripture or the sermon to be preached.  Music touches lives in a special way.  Our mission is to reach others for Christ through song.  The lyrics teach about Christ’s life, his love, his compassion, and the hope we have in believing in Him.  


Music has always played an important role in the life of the church.  Although instruments used for accompanying music were not always allowed in the early church, singing has always been an instrumental part of worship.  A strong tradition of the Mennonite church has been four part harmony when singing. Although this practice has somewhat changed with the introduction of contemporary music, it is still wonderful to hear hymns sung with beautiful harmony.  Now we enjoy a mixture of contemporary music as well as hymns. In this way, we hope to provide music for everyone.


Our vision is to have a church full of people that love to sing praises to God.  My hope is to have more people of various ages involved in singing on the worship team, providing special music, or singing in choir.  In addition, it would be great to have special times of the year where various churches get together to sing and enjoy a time of fellowship with each other.

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